Electrical Defects

Problems with a home’s electrical system are some of the most prevalent and concerning defects found during home inspections. It is very common to find alterations to the electrical system that were clearly not done by a qualified electrician. Many of these alterations lead to serious safety concerns at the service panel, receptacles and at the home’s branch wiring.

service panel Defects

  • Federal Pacific & Zinsco panels

  • Damaged breakers

  • Corrosion/water entry into panel

  • Evidence of arcing

  • Double tapped breakers

  • Over-fused circuits

  • Overheating conductors

  • Incorrect wiring at the grounding bus

Receptacle Defects

  • Ungrounded & 2 prong receptacles

  • Damaged receptacles

  • Missing receptacle cover plates

  • Damaged weatherproof receptacle covers

  • Insufficient GFCI protection

  • Improper receptacle wiring

  • Dead receptacles

wiring defects

  • Knob and Tube wiring

  • Damaged electrical cable

  • Exposed splices & open junction boxes

  • Poorly secured electrical cable

  • Open knockouts & missing cable clamps

  • NM cable exposed to damage

  • Cable terminating outside of a junction box

  • Extension cords installed as permanent wiring