Oil Tanks, Well Inspections, Sewer Scopes and Septic Tanks

The services below can be paired with a home inspection and scheduled as needed.

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Oil Tank Locates

It is not uncommon for buried oil tanks to corrode and leak, spilling heating oil into the soil around them. Soil cleanup and replacement of the tank can be quite expensive. If there is uncertainty regarding the existence of or condition of a buried oil tank, having the tank located and soil tested is a wise investment. 


Well Inspections

Private wells, common in rural areas, can provide a wealth of clean potable water to a house. Having a water flow test performed will ensure that the well's pump is performing as intended and providing a adequate water pressure. Testing water quality is also recommended annually, more often in certain circumstances. 


Sewer Scopes

Having a video inspection of the waste piping between a house and the public sewer is common practice during the inspection period when buying a house, often scheduled at the same time as the home inspection. Offsets in waste piping, or penetrating tree roots can be very expensive to repair. A sewer scope will bring these issues to light.


Septic Tank Inspection

Septic tank systems, like private water wells, are common in rural areas. A main waste line takes wastes from the house into the septic tank, where they break down over time. Liquid effluent rises to the top and runs out to distribution boxes and the leach field. Having this system and its components examined could avoid inconvenience and expense down the road.