Portland Home Energy Score Program

As of January 1, 2018, the City of Portland will require that all homes within the city limits attain a home energy score from a qualified home energy assessor prior to listing. Similar to how miles per gallon can quickly convey how efficient a car is, a home energy score is intended to let a homeowner (and potential buyers) know how efficient a home is.

 During a home energy assessment, the home's heating and cooling equipment, ductwork, water heater, insulation, windows and roofing are examined and collected data is entered into a program. A score of 1-10 is generated for the home in question, as well as recommended improvements that can raise the home's score and increase efficiency. The assessment is not destructive or invasive.


Important Facts About the City of Portland Home Energy Score Program

  • We provide reports the same day as the assessment

  • Assessors must be certified through the City of Portland

  • An assessment is required for all single family homes, with few exceptions

  • There are financial penalties of up to $500 for non-compliance

  • Assessments take around one hour to complete

  • Home Energy Scores will be available online to any interested party