HVAC Defects

Furnaces and air conditioners are expensive appliances that should be serviced routinely to extend their service life and ensure effective heating and cooling. A substantial lapse in servicing leads to a number of issues with these appliances.

furnace defects

  • Corrosion in the furnace cabinet

  • Dust and debris accumulation

  • Dirty and missing filters

  • Condensate leaks

  • Orange flames at the burner

Air conditioning defects

  • Out of level compressor

  • Vegetation against compressor

  • Soil & lint in compressor fins

  • Buried refrigerant lines

  • Damaged insulation on refrigerant lines

  • Poorly supported refrigerant lines

  • Condensate leaks at the evaporator coil

ducting defects

  • Missing and fallen insulation

  • Ducting on the crawlspace floor

  • Debris within ducting

  • Unsealed ductwork